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  • Why does Nexus exist?

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  • What is Nexus Pro?

  • Why join Nexus Pro?

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James Dice

Why does Nexus exist?

My whole career, I’ve been wanting more unbiased, in-depth content on the smart buildings industry. How is the industry changing and where is it going? Which new technology products are hype and which are disruptive? I’ve learned it takes a lot of time to wade through marketing pitches, research papers, and shallow articles to find the signal in the noise. Nexus is my attempt at sharing my evolving lens on the industry with you—without the fluff.

What is it?

I send one free newsletter per week on Tuesday mornings and produce a free bi-weekly podcast. Here are some of the most popular editions and episodes:

  • Newsletter #14—Exploring Passive Logic's industry-disrupting ideas about controls, digital twins, and making analytics obsolete

  • Podcast #003—Nick Gayeski of KGS Buildings on FDD at scale and 5 waves of smart building tech

  • Newsletter #20—Automating utility cost auditing, edge-to-cloud architecture, the costs of FDD, evaluating FDD algorithms

To receive the weekly newsletter and the podcast, you don't need to do anything other than subscribe for free.

Who subscribes?

We’re engineers, energy managers, technology vendors, building operators, and real estate investors. Like you, we’re trying to bridge the gap between two cultures—that of technology on one end and millions of commercial buildings on the other—to understand where we’re headed as an industry.

What is Nexus Pro?

Subscribers who want full access belong to Nexus Pro. You can join the Nexus Pro community for $25/month or $250/year to get access to:

Join Nexus Pro

Why join Nexus Pro?

Here are 5 reasons free subscribers join the Nexus Pro community:

  1. It’s a resource you can trust—The only filter or bias I have is that I can’t share any details on my projects at NREL. That’s it. This lack of bias is built right into the Nexus Pro business model. The low price and lack of sponsors mean the business doesn’t depend on any single member, company, perspective, or technology. And it most certainly doesn’t depend on maintaining the status quo. 🙌

  2. You can learn with me—If you’re like me and you want more in-depth content, the kind that actually helps us do our jobs better, deep dives are written for you. In order to support their production, Deep Dives (like this one and this one) and podcast show notes (like these) will now be for members only.

  3. Understand the marketplace—members get access to the ever-evolving Nexus Vendor Landscape, a notebook on the smart building marketplace. If you’re a vendor trying to stay differentiated, this will help. If you’re a building owner or you serve building owners, this will help.

  4. Meet other smart building nerds and changemakers—Pro members exclusive events held over Zoom. Knowing the people that have signed up so far, I predict some great discussions and connections.

    Here’s what Pro members are saying:

    I am a big fan of Nexus. I read your newsletters and you just keep amazing me every time. I'm now subscribed to Nexus Pro as well.

    —Hasan, smart building startup founder

    Our organization enjoys reading your Deep Dives and finds them very insightful. In particular, I took your Deep Dive on antifragility as motivation and implemented several changes through our departments. They are all engaged and working to ensure we exit the COVID-19 crisis in a stronger position than we entered it. Thank you!

    —Joe, smart building technology COO

    I’m enjoying your Nexus project. I appreciate your passion, knowledge, range of enquiry, and depth of analysis in this area.

    —Graham, energy efficiency and controls professional

    I'm all signed up! Have been enjoying our thought provoking exchanges both on Nexus as well as LinkedIn. Tremendous amount of value, but particularly in the vendor landscape. I still think there is much confusion and also a lack of clarity as far as capabilities and they way these solutions work "in the wild".

    —Keith, smart building technology pioneer

  5. It’s a business expense—Finally, let’s be honest… this is a business expense. Most of you can just put this on your expense report. And at $19/month or $199/year, it costs a fraction of research reports that don’t check all of the boxes above.

    Subscribe now

Other FAQs

  • Can I forward Pro emails to my colleagues?

    • Nexus Pro members can forward Pro emails to non-paying members. However, membership to Nexus Pro is for individuals. Only paying subscribers will receive invites and be admitted to discussions and events.

  • How can I sign my team up for Nexus Pro?

    • We provide discounts based on the size of your team. Email us for details at nexus@substack.com.

  • What if my company has frozen new expenses right now? What if I just got laid off?

    • We have special COVID-19 rates for those of you who want to join but don’t have the option to get reimbursed by your employer. Email us for details at nexus@substack.com.

  • Does Nexus have a student or young professionals discount?

    • We have special rates for students with ‘.edu’ email addresses and young professionals under 28. Email us for details at nexus@substack.com.

Other questions? Email us for details at nexus@substack.com.