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Nioxin hair restoration systems - shampoos - masks - peels

We are entering a new era, where hair restoration is no longer a long and difficult path, but a simple and effective procedure. The Nioxin company has developed a unique complex with which you can reanimate even very thin, thinning curls. View here for more info: what is nioxin

Nioxin is the # 1 brand for thinning hair!

Many of us experience hair loss from time to time. Sometimes this is due to vitamin deficiency or improper combing technique, but there are times when the root system is destroyed due to a violation of integrity. "Nioxin" actively joined the fight against this disease.

If other products focus only on the curls themselves, then nioxin shampoo works with the scalp. To begin with, the product cleanses the dermis and follicles from fat. It is he who often hinders growth. It further tightens the texture of the hair and increases its elasticity in order to avoid breakage. After the first intake, you will be able to feel a significant difference. It is not for nothing that the brand has won the Best Products for Thinning Hair Care category at the Stylists' Choice International Competition for 11 years already.

You are offered several series from "Nioxin":

  • for intensive care. This includes a growth enhancer and mask. Works due to coenzyme Q-10 with double action technology: keratin provides strengthening, and menthyl nicotinate warms and stimulates blood flow;

  • for scalp renewal and strengthening. Includes regenerating peel and serum. Active cell renewal takes place, and the dermis becomes moisturized and soft.

Each system includes three steps: a cleansing shampoo, a moisturizing conditioner and a nourishing mask. Do you want to restore the previous thickness of your hair? It's real if you have Nioxin at your fingertips.

Nioxin shampoo for hair: why buy products from this brand?

Nioxin is an expert cosmetics specialized in the restoration of thinning and thinning hair. Each remedy is based on research and scientific research, as well as numerous clinical trials, which have made it possible to find out the cause of deteriorating hair condition, as well as to develop solutions to the problem.

Here you can buy Nioxin for hair at a bargain price, providing real restoration of problem hair and a noticeable improvement in appearance. Using professional cosmetics Nioxin, you achieve not only a tangible visual effect, but also an improvement in the condition of the scalp and hair. Regular use of the right products has a long-term and lasting effect.

The main series of products from Nioxin:

  • Systems for the care of thinning and thinning hair. In total, 6 complexes of funds are presented, each of which is selected depending on the actual condition of the hair. Thin and rare; thinning, but fat; thinned, but thick enough - any combination of problem hair finds an individual approach.

  • Series for scalp care and hair regeneration. The patented composition of these products provides a noticeable restorative effect, an improvement in the appearance of hair is achieved, it becomes thicker and healthier. The complex effect on the scalp, hair roots and the hair itself provides a complete therapy.

  • Intensive care for especially damaged areas. The products of this line make it possible to provide the restoration of the most damaged areas of the hair and scalp with a targeted intensive effect. A unique agent is a hair growth enhancer, one of the few agents in the world that has a clinically proven effect on a real increase in hair growth.