Welcome to nexus, a newsletter by me, James Dice.

🏢 + 🖥️ Simply put, nexus is for people applying technology in buildings. From engineers and energy managers to software startups and entrepreneurs to building owners and managers. All of us know tech in our industry is barely scratching the surface of its potential. We’ve got quite the journey ahead of us.

🙉 If you’re like me, it’s noisy out there. Every day, there’s a new startup. Every day, there’s news about “disruption”. You need the news and ideas that matter, the signal in the noise.

🧰 If you’re like me, you want the best tools and techniques, the state of the art.

🧭 If you’re like me, you want context. What resources from other disciplines and industries can help us on our path?

👋 If you’re like like me, you want a community of companions for that journey.

I hope you’ll join me.

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